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Why won't my missing person alert show up on the website after I enter it?
        Once any alert is entered, it is sent to contacts at the law enforcement agency you selected.  
        They will receive and approve your posting in order for it to display.

What can I do to start the investigation process?
        Because it can take some time before the police can investigate, here are
        some things the family can start gathering:
        1.  The last day and time the person was seen.
        2.  Who was the last person that saw them and at what time.
        3.  List of people and the time up to 72 hrs before the person became missing and 
             what they were talking about.
        4.  List of people who may be considered enemies.
        5.  Any arguments or things that may have bothered the missing person.
        6.  Cell phone numbers and bills.
        7.  Home phone numbers and all bills.
        8.  Any statements such as gas cards, credit cards, etc.
        9.  List of friends with phone numbers.
        10. Any habits such as drinking, games, drugs, etc.
        11. Most recent picture.
        12. Keep a time line.